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intranet2Go can be setup for an enterprise or for a department or team. The solution can be used for just about any scenario where information sharing and collaboration is critical. For long term projects, having an intranet setup is usually well worth the investment. Not only does an intranet assist in collecting and classifying data, it also serves as a permanent store for all information created and used within a particular project or enterprise.

Consider these applications:
A pharmaceutical company can create an intranet application to collect information from its sales force on various doctors that will continue to be useful to the company, well after the sales representative has left the organization.

A law firm can use an intranet to get opinions on creating a sales pitch to a new client or in soliciting opinions from legal professional within a firm on a legal matter.

A customer support department can use an intranet to store trouble-shooting guides and fixes for usual problems.

A tech support department can use an intranet to serve as a knowledge base to aid its support team.

A human resources department can store document templates, recruitment forms, notices, employee handbooks, and various standard legal documents.

Make every digital asset within a company re-usable. Every stock photo, presentation, white paper, RFP, proposal, template, marketing material etc. can be re-used or referenced by all employees, saving valuable time.