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intranet2Go is a customized open source solution and consists of a product and service component. The customized solution is built after studying your business requirements so that you get a product that fits in perfectly with your business from day one.

Here are 10 core features of the solution along with brief descriptions:

1. Custom content types
Every enterprise has various types of content that can be shared. For example each department in a company could require a different kind of document structure. intranet2go allows an unlimited number of content types to be created which makes it easy for anyone to select an appropriate content type and to cut and paste information for posting, into pre-defined fields. Therefore even the most complex document can be stored in a structured well defined manner.

2. Document and File Sharing
Files can be posted along with a brief description and keywords to allow people to search and find relevant files using a keyword search function. For example if you have a large salesforce, you could post multiple presentations for each type of sales need, onto the intranet. All of these presentations would now be searchable using keywords.

3. Forums
Allow users to create discussion topics which other users can participate in.

4. Enterprise blog
An easy way for management to communicate with employees on any topic and to make available these communications for reference.

5. Enterprise phone book
A phone book that is sortable and that can contain a large amount of information on each employee within an organization.

6. Multiple levels of administrative access
Every type of content contained within the intranet can be made available to users with a high level of adminstrative control. You decide who gets to look at each type of content and how users interact with content -if at all. For example, you can enable and disable comments for almost any kind of content.

7. RSS/News feed aggregator
The latest news headlines from any news source such as the BBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times can be pulled into one location for intranet users.

8. Keyword search
Search and find any content within the intranet using a keyword search.

9. Custom contact forms
Route queries and communications using multiple contact forms with each contact form routing information to a particular person.

10. Enterprise calendar
Place all enterprise events in one central location.

An intranet helps aggregate and make available, knowledge and expertise locked within every employee.